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Golpea Bien, hazlo bien.

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domingo, 16 de septiembre de 2012

Back to School + Asian Food v(>w<*)スクール

Mañana empiezo otra vez las clases, que forma más agradable  de amargrme el domingo, solo yo puedo hacer eso. Con lo de la vuelta al cole, ayer tuve que salir de correprisas a comprar las cosas y customizarlas a mi gusto -<  No se me ocurrió nada más que pegar algunas fotos del mundo de internet.

Tomorrow I'm starting again with school, what a great thought for a sunday, only I can do that. With this of "back to school", yesterday I went shopping for scholar equipment, and I customized by sticking pics form the world of Internet.

This is one of my big notebooks, it was so hard taking a pic of the front page with the trollface on it (ё_ё)  It definitly trolled me! I photoshoped the cute doll so it would be a wink to Dr.House. And at the back it has a cute pic of the Avengers, but I couldn't take a pic of it, so I attach it here =3

This is my other Notebook, I guess I will only use these 2 for school, no need more.

Yo sin mi agenda no soy persona (^ω^) La del año pasado está llena de cosas y chorradas y de exámenes y trabajos.
Without my agenda,I 'm nothing. The one I had last year is full of stupid funny shit, test dates, homeworks...

Y aqui se acaban las cosas que compré para el Instituto. También tenía muchas fotos monosas de ponies, pero que no podía ponerlas por ningún lado >< Bueno, creo que así esta bien ¿no?

And this is all I bought for school, I also did have some cute ponie pics, but I didn't know where would they match, well I think all that looks fine that way, doens't it? 


El otro día no sé muy bien como pasó, pero tuve entre mis manos productos asiaticos bastante curiosos... tortas de arroz de Wasabi.."Wasabi crackers"...saben raro a mi me dejan un regusto dulce y luego pica mucho no se..a mi me gustan, tengo que beber un litro de agua por cada trozo que me tomo pero, no puedo dejar de comer.

The other day I got some "Wasabi Crackers" hard to explain, it's rice cakes with some Wasabi; it tastes funny, it tastes sweet and they spicy as hell, I don't know, I like them, I ahve to drink 1 L water after each piece I eat, but I can't stop eating! ( ´¬`)

Los noddles estos, fideos de toda la vida, cuando los pruebe ya diré si me gustan más que los que suelo comprar de la marca maggi, como siempre los más picantes que había, lo que me recuerda a que el otro día comiendo patatas, en vez de ketchup le echamos salsa brava, creo que perdí el sentido del gusto en las siguentes 2 horas.

Noodles, when i make them I will decide if these are better than the others I used to buy, as always the most spicy ones I can find, and that reminds me last day, eating chips, we confused Ketchup with another spicy red sauce, I think I lost the taste for the following 2 hours.

Y lo más genial de todos...como sé alemán, os puedo asegurar que "Glückskekse" es galleta de la suerte, saben como a cucurucho y aunque la nota que me sale siempre me deja desconcertada, a mi me gustan, creo que es lo más curioso que me llevé a casa.

The most cute/awesome one, as I know german, I can tell for sure that "Glückskekse" means Fortune cookie, they taste like the cornet of ice-creams, and even knowing that the little letter always baffles me, I think it's the most curious product I brought home.


PostScriptum: El 3D mola, y IronMan mola más, ¿Dónde está tu Dios ahora?
PostScriptum: 3D rocks, and so does IronMan, Where is your God now?

Ya sabéis si queréis dejar algun comentario, ahí abajo teneis la opcion, si quereis insultar o amenazar, error 404. 

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Thanks for reading you sexy thing!

Bye ~~

15 comentarios:

  1. This post is the 2nd sexiest thing I've ever seen! OMG! I made your notebook from ordinary to super cute! I can't believe how cute you are. Reading your blog makes me slash slash. \\

    Prediction: You have a fine sense of humoUr and enjoy your life. (Por que you're funny and you have me)

    I opened a fortune cookie earlier today. It said, "You will visit the cutest website ever!" OMG! Here I am!

    1. You're the hottest guy in the world, CUTIE!

    2. I'm glad you love it mysterious fan, I truly believe you're my biggest fan here cutie **
      I can't believe how cute you think I am! Reading your comments makes me slash slash //

      Prediction: "With your skills everything will be in order" Porque I'm awesome.

      PD2: you're the hotest guy in the world

    3. You're correct. I am the hottest guy in the world. AND! I'm your biggest fan. AND! I can't believe how cute you...think I am. AND! I'm so happy porque of you. \\ (slash slash)

  2. I want Wasabi chips. 98 Joke....I'm so no jealous. --

    I googled those chips and I will buy some soon. Well, my novia will buy them, pay for them, and bring them to me. I'm such a good novio!

    Thank you for the cute blog post, you sexy thing!

  3. Querida mia, tu eres fantasticA! I love your blog. I come here like 20 times per day. The comments are so cute too! I mean, read this! IT'S SO CUTE!

    I command you to stop smiling. Joke - never stop smiling for me.

    Always Yours

    1. Idea: I will never stop smiling, cmon, you're so cute. Thaks for being cute, you cute thing!

      Can't wait for reading letter 222, I always 222.

      My bf can't believe how lucky he is, cmon, have you seen me? For the next entry I will post a pic of Zelda t-shirt, can you imagine how cute do I look on that? fap, jijiji

  4. Hi, I'm back. It's me, your secret admirer.

    Thanks for the cute post. It made me smile. Everything you do makes me smile, cielo.

    One day I will reveal who I am to you. Hint: I'm your future husband. --

    1. Hi you cute thing!
      I love having secret admirers, I hope my man doens't get jealous.

      Don't thank me, if you had a blog, it would also be the 2nd cutest Thing ever! jijiji

      I'd be pleasant to marry you //

  5. La imagen esa de science es la hostia xDDDD

  6. Ojala que esta vez no se te hagan eternas las noches pegada a las garrinotas x)

    Have a nice day ~


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